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Quickflip - Tue, 15:13
hell yeah! nachos!
Quickflip - Tue, 15:16
shit dawg
savage12k - Tue, 15:24
I miss this place
Quickflip - Tue, 17:13
PITT life
Jason - Tue, 20:56
Nardath - Wed, 02:29
buddy - Thu, 00:47
Hello all where did all the flippers go? Jd has been dead for a while
DCXXVI - Sun, 17:49
they seem to have moved to instagram and facebook
Bobricher85 - Thu, 08:45
Hello? /echoes
Darren Terry - Sun, 02:34
Darren Terry - Sun, 02:35
It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here
Darren Terry - Sun, 02:36
I’ve been stripped of my orange username :happypills:
Chiv - Mon, 14:56
CruelChris - Thu, 10:23
Holy in God’s name that is unholy....there is still people and apparently a bit too....last I was on I as a loner on a dead forum. It is so nice to see an interest into this Art again. Hello all newcomers!
CruelChris - Thu, 10:27
That legit made my day, and possibly my week.
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