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CruelChris - Thu, 10:23
Holy in God’s name that is unholy....there is still people and apparently a bit too....last I was on I as a loner on a dead forum. It is so nice to see an interest into this Art again. Hello all newcomers!
CruelChris - Thu, 10:27
That legit made my day, and possibly my week.
c.wigum - Mon, 19:20
hi de ho
Nitemare15 - Tue, 09:53
Holee shit lmao
Nardath - Tue, 10:02
Nitemare15 - Tue, 10:03
I did not realize FA was still up that’s awesome. BT was taken down right Nard?
Nardath - Tue, 10:04
not taken down
Nardath - Tue, 10:04
vince’s credit card info expired and all the files for the website got dumped
Nitemare15 - Tue, 10:08
Aaah shit.
Nardath - Tue, 10:31
Nardath - Tue, 10:47
Nardath - Wed, 03:56
guess not lol
Nardath - Wed, 03:56
droopdog666 - Mon, 11:11
guess whos finally getting married? <------this guy
Jason - Wed, 16:15
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