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ZKEIF14 is a GREAT ONE +++++

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Post Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:11 pm

ZKEIF14 is a GREAT ONE +++++

Just letting you all know that zkeif14 is A GREAT PERSON to buy/sell with.

A fast story ---- Me and Zack made a deal for a balisong and I sent the funds thru "snail mail" ---- I wait 4 or 5 days and send Zack a PM asking if he got my funds ----- "nope, not yet" ----- another 4 or 5 days go by and I PM Zack again ---- he tells me "No , I been looking everyday for them" -------- then I START TO THINK LIKE A ASSHOLE :blush: I think "he must have ripped me off or he got a better offer and just threw away my money order " etc. etc.

I get in touch with a Mod here and tell him MY ASSHOLE THINKING !!!

Well , me and Zack talk/PM and I tell him " by the end of the week , I'll cancel the m.o. and then do NOT want the balisong " because I'm thinking I got played.


Now ---- he could have just sent me back my uncashed funds and sold the balisong for another FIFETY DOLLARS !!! But , he offered to STILL SELL IT TO ME !!!

So , Zack may be young but he is A MAN OF HIS WORD and TRUSTWORTHY :TU:

And me ??? I'm just a grouchy OLD BIRD who did not trust a fine TRUSTWORTHY YOUNG MAN :blush:

Zack ---- I AM SORRY FOR DOUBTING YOU ---- PLEASE forgive me.

your buddy --- {if you'll have me } ---- DaBird
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Post Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:08 pm

Re: ZKEIF14 is a GREAT ONE +++++

+1 to DaBird any friend of Rangerover is a friend of mine!
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