Post Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:08 pm

BUSTED!!!! HK45 theif and a-hole

Well, its still too early to tell, BUT no package yet. I put in a claim to dispute the transaction with PP, BUT my dumbass was suckered into sending the money through personal payment so i'll probably lose the the dispute which means I'm out $350. wow, what a shitty week i've been having. AND THEN

To add insult to injury i get a email from "UPS" (which they dont do) saying my package is on its way to my house. Who ever it was was didnt even use proper grammar in the fucking email. And of course there was an attachment that supposedly has the shipping details and tracking info. Do i really look that stupid? of course i didnt open the attachment most likely some trojan or virus. its bad enough someone made off with $350 of my hard earned money, now they're trying to fuck up my computer? SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!

I still havent heard heard back from HK45 yet even though he logged on yesterday and i've been sending him emails. I think its safe to say I've been had. SOMEONE BANN THIS ASSHOLE FROM THE ARENA ASAP :cuss:
Thats all for now