Post Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:42 pm

Introduce Yourself (README, NEWB!)

Welcome, newbie!

You've registered an account, you're ready to post away, but first you might
want to tell us a little about yourself. Doing so will allow you to participate in the Market, and will also help
to ensure friendlier responses to your posts throughout the Arena. Here's a few tips to get you started:

Don't flame. You may notice that friendly taunting is the norm throughout the
Arena, but here in the Introductions, it doesn't work so well, especially for
the newbies, so you'll want to try to keep it polite for now.

Be descriptive. You may notice that a simple "Hi, my name is thisguy. Glad to
be here. Bye." isn't always recieved as warmly as more informative
introductions. This is because the whole purpose of an introduction is to let us know who you
Here's a few questions to get you off to a good start:

Where are you located?
How did you find this place?
Do you have a youtube channel? Website? Something similar?
How long have you been flipping?
What got you started flipping?
What knives do you own?
What knives do you want?
Do you have any other hobbies?
Do you have any 'behavioral abnormalities' that we should maybe be aware of?
Do you have a hot sister?

BTW, here are a few links that you, as a newbie, may find useful:
General rules (How to keep out of trouble).
FAQ's (How to use the board)
Challenge Rules and Guidelines (How challenges work)