Post Mon May 09, 2016 2:44 am

Pockocmoc, new here.

Hi everyone. First of all, let me tell you I am from France, so I speak... french ^^ . Well, my english is pretty bad, but normally you should understant me. I think... :D

So my "real" name is Antoine. I found this forum watching videos, searching for informations, tutorials. As an external visitor, I went on this forum many times before!
I have been flipping for 3 years now, only with a Spyderco SmallFly (which, by the way, is also my trainer! My fingers can attest ^^ )

I decided to buy it after many times seeing flippers in movies, on the street etc... I said "ok, my turn now!". I also needed an affordable, and little flipper. I don't know why, but i wanted it to be small...
For today, I still only own the SmallFly, but I would love to start flipping a SpyderFly! Yeah, a spyderfly :drool: ! Firstly beacause I think ittle flippers are not that good to do chaps, etc... but also because it just looks gorgeous to me.

Another hobbies? Well, I am the president of the jumping stilts club of Bordeaux, so I do a lot of acrobatics on jumping stilts (see "Powerbocking" :) ). And I play the Flute, jazz and classic.

I think I said all I had to say.
Feel free to correct me if my english is too wrong !