Post Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:02 am


Hello, I'm Kayotic! I am probably one of the only twelve year old flippers out there. Note: My punctuation may be bad at some points as I sort of self taught myself punctuation.

I am located in Michigan about 45 minutes to a hour from Grand Rapids.

I Found this site through FeenXFire on Youtube, he mentioned it in some of his videos.

I currently don't have a youtube channel, but will be getting one once I find a good camera angle for flipping and learn a few
more tricks.

I have been flipping since last Christmas.

I got into flipping through youtube. I was scrolling through youtube and saw a lego butterfly knife tutorial, and I decided to make one. And I ended up really enjoying flipping, so I moved to a cheap trainer, and now I plan on getting a real one next year.(Ik, cringy af)

The current balisongs I own are: CCC Trainer, Benchmade 62T.

The Balisongs I want are: BRS Replicant, Benchmade 42, Microtech Tachyon II, Hom Prodigy.

Among flipping my other hobbies are: Programming, PC Building, Anime, Gaming.