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Boomerangs Indeed! Review



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Boomerangs Indeed! Review

Well, with nunchucks, throwers, whips and canes, I wasn't totally surprised when I got an answer for someone making boomerangs! So I wanted to make a quick update. Slash gave me a link in my original thread looking for boomerangs by the name of Bruce Bernstein (link to his site: http://www.rangsbybruce.com/) he makes custom, hand made rangs. However, I am too new to use such a piece and he was nice enough to direct me to a man named Kendall Davis (site: http://www.kendalldavis.us/)

This guy is awesome. His rangs are affordable and really durable. I ordered the "Ultra Vee" and the "Emu." Both of them came promptly with instructions on basic throwing. They are painted and finished beautifully and the machining on the wings are spot on.

Of-course, what would a boomerang be if it didn't come back? Both of these (when thrown properly) come back excellently. There isn't a whole lot of room for error in your throw, but again these things will take a beating (I actually stuck the Emu in the ground twice and it's still fine). The Ultra Vee arrives a easier due to it's bent arms which really helps when you're starting out.

If you guys want to get into boomerangs, these two guys are the people you'd want to talk to. Visit their sites, ask any questions (they're both very personable) and try a boomerang.

Here are the stock pictures from his site of the ones that I got:


Ultra Vee:


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Re: Boomerangs Indeed! Review


I actually built a few boomerangs back when I was a kid. My storebought one broke, so I cloned it from plywood I had laying around. Most of them even came back, sometimes in pieces.

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