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I haven't been here in forever....
But anyway, anyone crack whips for sport? It's not exactly "flipping" (though you can sort of flip a whip in aerial like motions) though it does seem similar to balisongs in the sense that it has artistic fluid-like motions. I'm thinking of buying a whip and would like it if others could give me their opinions on whips (like if they're fun or not), especially if they crack or have cracked whips. I'm stuck between getting a whip and getting a blow gun.


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Re: Whips

i have owned whips and can tell you its a lot of fun to crack them. i can also tell you its nothing like a balisong and is a lot harder.It is very tiring and at times u want to give up. also expect to pay 300 to 1000 dollars on a whip. it does build up your strength tough.Another thing that people don't expect is cuts. a whip is going by your face fast enough to make a sonic boom. Thats the crack. so the tip of the cracker will cut you. Also if u have a leather whip it is very difficult to take care of. i suggest a synthetic one. i really appreciate your interest in such a unappreciated sport thanks again.

-gage beasley


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Re: Whips

Got a friend who has a thriving business making them. Check him out at cowwhips.com.

Malcolm Reynolds

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Re: Whips

brad5452 wrote:I'm stuck between getting a whip and getting a blow gun.

blow guns r super ez 2 make if you want i could make a video on how to
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