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Cleaning and installing PB washers in your BM 4x Series

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Benchmade 4X PB Washer Tutorial Video

I know there are quite a few of these tutorials around but I figured that I would do a video just for the sake of it when I did my mod. Anyways here ya go.... (only in 240p until processed by jewtube)



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Re: Cleaning and installing PB washers in your BM 4x Series

For those who are/were wondering:

I recently sent my 42 into Benchmade to have the blade, and everything else that could be replaced, replaced.

Lost my lovely '02 440c blade in place of a 154cm piece, but they did honor my request to have phosor-bronze washers installed. They weren't the perfect fit I was hoping for, but after tightening the pivot screws 99% of the way and applying a few layers of militec-1, it's flipping smooth as ever with very little blade play.

So yes, Benchmade will replace your washers for you if you prefer for $5 (return shipping). If you don't mind waiting a couple weeks to get it back, you can save 2/3 the cost (CKK shipping is horrendous) and have pb washers while retaining your warranty.


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Re: Cleaning and installing PB washers in your BM 4x Series

rangerover_95 wrote:Good little tut..... I like to use washers that are too thick by a small margin, and sand them on a piece of glass with 600 grit sandpaper on it. It usually sands the tip of my finger off (at least where the skin goes through the hole in the washer), but the reduction of play, and the smoothness are well worth the minor discomfort.

I recommend it to anyone who feels COMFORTABLE doing it, because if you dont, you'll fuck it all up....

Try this with 2000 grit sandpaper (got it at Autozone - available at almost any car repair shop...)

I did it with tue 2000 on my Kimura and it glides like butter.

EDIT: I also used Mother Mags Metal Polish after the 2000 grit sand paper to make it smoother... Works excellently.


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Re: Cleaning and installing PB washers in your BM 4x Series

Very helpful, just wish I still had my BM. Im one of those who regret selling theirs every waking hour! :roll:
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