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Balisong maintenance help

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Balisong maintenance help

So I got my first balisong and it was cheap so I expected to have problems but its only a trainer so I don't have to worry about using a cheap knife and getting cut. So any ways my questions are what do you do about stripped screws? I was trying to put thread locker in and one of the screws got stripped. Also where can you get replacement screws? Obvi. I don't want to put back in the stripped screw if it falls out. My balisong is the fury trainer. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Balisong maintenance help

well if you are looking for replacement screws for a crap bali, it wont happen. might as well get a new one. actual manufacturers like benchmade, kershaw, microtech, etc. will send you replacement screws if you ask for them.
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