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BM 51 mod/custom help needed

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BM 51 mod/custom help needed

so recently i got a benchmade 51 and i love it. The problem im having is that im more of a roll over and chaplin style of flipper and this knife has no handle weight at all. im hoping i could get the help of someone to do some mods to it. im looking to upgrade the handle weight i would like to keep it g10 if possible but im open to ideas. Also i would like to get the blue liners reanodized because theyre fading and turning grey. As well as if possible upgrade zin pins, pivots and screw hardware in general replaced with new peices. if anyones intrested in taking on this project shoot me an email at joshuaulett@yahoo.com.
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Re: BM 51 mod/custom help needed

Only weight mod I've seen for a 51 is putting o-rings on the end of the handles. Talk to Matt Cook about anodization, I think it's around $50-ish but I might be wrong. Wheelman185 might have some hardware, talk to him.

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