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The Balance Sticky

Because there's no reason for you to not know this crap.

Reading material: ... ia_tensors

What all of that means is that the more weight you have further from the center of a rotating object, the more energy you are able to store, and the more resistance it will have to changes in speed and direction.

Think of it as a weight tied to one end of a string. If you hold the string by the weighted end, you can flop the loose end around pretty quickly in all directions, but it will be difficult to predict exactly where it will go and to make it go exactly where you want. In a balisong, this is pretty much useless with regard to flipping.

If you hold the string by the loose end, you can make the weighted end go exactly where you want (though it will take longer to get there), and it will be pretty easy to predict where it's going at any given time. This is much more useful, but there are limits, as you would be sacrificing speed and agility for stability and control. Also 'more resistant to changes in speed' means it requires more effort to accelerate, and finger strength is limited.