Post Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:45 pm

Polls: Rules and Guidelines

Starting a poll:

Once a challenge has been issued, accepted, and the videos have been submitted, one of the contenders must start a thread here in the Polls forum.

The Poll thread title should be similar to the Challenge thread title.

Note: If the Challenge thread title was "My Name Vs. Any Takers," Any Takers should be replaced by the name of the person who took the challenge.

In the first post of your Polls thread, you will need to create a poll. This is done by clicking the 'Poll creation' tab at the bottom of the post edit screen. Enter the appropriate information. For the 'Run poll for' field, enter at least 7. This will cause the poll to close after 7 days. You may set it for a longer period of time if you wish.

You will also need to embed the videos submitted by you and your opponent.

You may also include the details of the challenge, and a link to the challenge thread. This will give the voters a better idea of what they are supposed to be voting on.

When the poll is expired:

When the poll expires, no one can vote on it anymore. They can only see the results. The challenge is finished, execpt for a few minor details.

The Admin will enter the results in the ladder, if the challenge was supposed to be in the ladder. Usually this takes a few days, as I like to leave them sitting long enough for people to comment on the outcome.

If you haven't done so already, you should create a clan for yourself. Clans serve as your identities in the various ladders. For more information on how to create a clan, see the 'Creating a Clan' thread in the Rules and FAQs forum.