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Arc Angel

Cold Steel Arc Angel

!!! Description:

The AA has machined Titanium handles, and high carbon blade. Handles have 5 milled, slightly rectangle shaped slots in each side of each handle. A pocket clip of Stainless Steel that is attached with Three small Torx screws, And Stainless pivot pins for the blade and latch. The knife was designed by Darrel Ralph for Cold Steel Knives, and has a great deal of similarity to some of the earlier on DDR Venturis (? on spelling?). the original run of these was sold out quickly, and after a while CS released their "Factory Seconds" for public purchase. These also were sold out quickly, at a low price of $120USD. (|=- Need price check on what one that is NIB would go for these days -=|) They are considered rare now, and are prized by their owners.


Overall Length: Just a hair under 10"
Closed Length: 5 3/4"
Blade Length: from handles to tip:4 1/2" sharp: 4 1/4"
Blade Style: Clip Point Bowie/Double Edge/Spear Point
Blade Material: "Carbon V" High Carbon
Handle Material: Titanium
Latch Type: T-Latch with latch gate on both handles, can be moved to either handle.


Double Edge, Spear Point, Clip Point Bowie, Clip-less (Custom mod done by owners involving a "patch" to fill the hole left by absence of clip.

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