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Manila Latch

Manila latch
A manila latch is simply a latch (either spring or T-latch, doesn't matter which) That is mounted on the safe handle, instead of the bite handle as is a Batangas latch. Thats the only difference.
This is more a matter of preference in this day and age, but before there were latch gates on most balisongs this was a way to avoid chipping the blade edge when the latch fell between the handles and hit the blade.
Also, it changes which direction the edge is facing when you open the knife. Example: A simple forward grip windmill opening. You unlatch the knife, drop the lower handle, it rotates around the tang and you catch it on top. The knife is now open, with a Manilla latch (Safe Handle) you will be edge UP. With a Batangas latch (Bite Handle) you will be edge DOWN.

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