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Q: How do I find what I'm looking for?

A: There are actually two methods to find what you are looking for:

1: Use the search box. It's over to the left of this window. Type what you're looking for, use the drop-down menu to select 'Wiki Pages,' and click 'Go.' The search function is still pretty much hit and miss. Usually you're better off using method 2...

2: Browse for it. On the homepage, you'll see a list of wiki catagories to the left of the logo. That's where you start. Just keep going through the subcatagories by clicking on what looks to be the most similar to what you're looking for, and you'll end up where you need to be to find it.

You can also start your browsing with a similar list of wiki catagories in a box to the right of this page. It'll be there on whatever page your on, for convenience.

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