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Q: How do I start a wiki page?

A: To start a new wiki page, go to an pre-existing page, preferable a parent. For example, if you're starting a page for a trick, go to that tricks appropriate category (either Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced).

On that page, click the edit button. Find a spot in the text where you want a link to your new page to be. Type in the name of your new wiki page. As per the example, you'd type in the name of the trick, like My New Trick. Surround the name with two pairs of parenthesis, like ((My New Trick)) . Smack the save button.

You'll see the parent page you just edited, but now with a link to your new page in it. Except instead of looking like a link, it will just be the page's name with a red question mark by it. That just means your new page isn't created yet. Click the question mark.

Your page is now created, and linked from the parent page. You'll be looking at your new wiki page's edit box. Type something appropriate and save it. The new wiki page is now ready to be edited.

While you're at it, you should include a template. These help insure that the information goes where it needs to be:
For knives
For tricks
For makers

Not recommended... To start and/or edit a wiki page (method 2), take a look at the 'Quick Edit a Wiki Page' module to the very left side of the screen, just below the site menu. If you type in a name for a wiki page and hit 'edit,' one of two things will happen. If there is already a page by that name in the wiki, you will be taken to that page's edit box. If no page with that name exists, it will be created for you, and then you'll be taken to the new page's edit box. For obvious reasons, this is the less preferable method of either editing or creating wiki pages. I may just decide to take it down in the future.

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