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Board Wide Rules

0: Playing with knives is a dangerous hobby, and may result in serious injury. No one here (besides yourself) can take responsibility for your mishaps. No one here is forcing you to do anything. If you are not willing to accept the risks inherent to this art, please put the knife down.

1: Respect the Mods and Admins. If you fail to do this, you'll likely fail to follow the rest of the rules, and you'll find yourself banned. This does not mean you have to kiss our butts and agree with everything we say. If we are participating, treat us like any other participants. When we are moderating, you should probably let us be. If you disagree with an action we take, pm us - DO NOT debate the action of a moderator openly.

2: Only one account per person, and only one clan per ladder. If you get caught trying to vote in the same poll multiple times, you will be banned. If you get caught trying to set up false challenges with yourself you will be banned.

Team clans are exempt from this - you can join as many as you want. However, if you are a member of two clans trying to challenge each other, the challenge will not be allowed by the ladder system until you leave one or the other, so pick your clans carefully.

3: New members must post an introduction in the 'Introduce Yourself' subforum before posting elsewhere or sending private messages. This is enforced by the forum software - no exceptions.

4: Do not initiate or participate in flame wars. However, friendly jeers and taunts are perfectly acceptable (even somewhat expected). This board is based around friendly competition. Be prepared to deal with perceived insults and criticism in a constructive manner, such as a duel in the ladder.

5. Do not post anything illegal. Do not post on how you currently (or plan to) disobey, avoid, or circumvent the law. We're not telling you to never break the law, but please don't get us involved if you do. Hypotheticals are generally fine.

6. If you see someone breaking the rules, kindly post a response reminding them of the rules, and a link to this thread or any there where the rule in question is posted. This is especially important if the offender is a newb. Most often, they will promptly apologize and correct themselves.

However, if it is a serious offense or a repeat offender, please report the post (click the '!' above the post in question).

7. If you have a question, check the Rules and FAQs forum first - there's a good chance someone else will have asked the same question already. If you don't see your question asked and answered there, post a new thread to ask your question - there's a good chance someone else will have the same question later.

If it is a serious question in need of an immediate response from a Mod/Admin, PM one of us. You should not expect us to patrol new posts as soon as they are posted.

8. Concerning spam: I really don't care if you try to sell your knives and whatnot here. Please try to keep it on topic (in The Market fourm), and/or use the PMs. Obviously, trying to sell discount meds, penis enlargement pills, fake watches, debt consolidation and the like will be frowned upon.

DO NOT post replies to spam. Any such replies will be deleted along with the spam.

9: Try to keep the swearing to a minimum. It's okay if you're honestly expressing yourself, but if you're just punching in cuss words like a mute with tourettes, I might frown on that. Be especially careful when taunting/jeering/jesting other members, as the overzealous use of swear words can amplify the perceived intent of a taunt, which could easily result in a flame war. In the Off-Topic forum, foul language will usually be overlooked.

10: No cross-forum drama. What happens on other forums stays on other forums.

11: In addition to these rules, you will also need to follow any additional rules posted in the various forums and subforums, where applicable. Such rules will be stickied to the top of the forums and subforums to which they apply.
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