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Matt Cook spa/mods/customs

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Post Mon Aug 18, 2014 12:27 pm

Matt Cook spa/mods/customs


Hope the video works I'm pretty good friends with Matt even tho I live 3,000 moles from me. He has done all my balis except 2 in that video and I just bought 2 new ti 51s and a double insert 29. I also do not have the custom but every other one in the video I do have and will never get rid of them possibly for a BB. Arc Angel had a re blade a design before Ano and then Ano on top of the design. Enjoy. When I get my other 29 knives in and my flyfather and 2 more 51s I will update the video.

Enjoy there is a folder Matt has made about three he owns the other 2. Blade is forged out of bridge steel and it's Damascus with carbon fiber handles and a jeweled bolster.
Just love to flip my only hobby. I buy a lot of balisongs and I am glad to be at a normal forum that has some great flippers.


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Re: Matt Cook spa/mods/customs

Nice collection! I'm pretty jealous. Right now I dont even have a bali lol
I feel bad for everyone who isn't me.

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