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Kimura or 32 Morpho?

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Kimura or 32 Morpho?

Well, I was thinking about buying my first balisong, but I'm having some trouble with my decision, hopefully any of you guys will be able to clear my mind.

I live in Argentina, you know, that south american country known by it's beef and wine (funny thing I don't enjoy neither of them haha), however, there's fact that it's hard to get a good knife here. The main problem is... the Aduana. The Aduana is an ALMOST fraudulent organization, created by the goverment, that manages all foreigns mail packages. When you receive a package here, there's a very small chance it will get through the Aduana, most of the times your package will get stuck in there, and you will be forced to go to the Aduana in person to get it, after lots and lots of paperwork and paying 50% of what the object you want to retire is worth of course. This is insane and unfair, but that's how it is. What I'm trying to explain is simple, I can't receive any packages so buying online is not an option.

Still, I looked hard enough into all of the armory shops websites in my country, and I managed to find three good quality balisongs in a single store; the Bradley Kimura IV, the Bradley Kimura V and the Benchmade 32 Morpho. The kimuras are about $3.200 pesos, and the Benchmade is around $4.400 pesos. Translated into dollars that would be around $200 and $280, respectively.

Considering all of the inconvinients, I still want to get into flipping. The choice is hard without a doubt, in case of getting the Kimura I would probably go for the IV, I like the handles a bit more. Some people say the Morpho is not only too light, but even shorter than the 51, making it an excellent ADC, but a bad flipper, I do not have the need for an ADC knife, I'm only interested in flipping. As for what the Kimura goes... it seems like a well made knife, maybe even TOO well made for the original price tag it had before it got discontinued. The Benchmade might be of higher quality, but is it really that big of a deal? Sure 80 bucks might not seem like a lot, but money is money. Though I'm willing to pay more if the Benchmade is superior. There's also the rust problem on both knives, and while I don't live in a humid area, it still worries me a bit.

Any opinions on the matter? I'm kind of lost here.

PD: You'll have to excuse my english, obviously spanish is my first tongue, feel free to correct any of the (probably plenty) grammatical mistakes I've made.


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Re: Kimura or 32 Morpho?

Go on the Kimura

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