Post Fri Aug 14, 2015 4:37 pm

Looking for good deal for first time flipper

I'm looking for a good deal here I'm not going to lie I'm looking for a knife that is a good flipper but also somewhat decent for edc. I'm not worried about what is posted I don't really care what brand or way the handle is made. I'm not looking or asking for a handout or anything I just would like something to get into flipping with In my current state I'm quite broke but I'm wanting to spend 20-30$ on a knife I figured someone could hook me up with a used knife that is better quality than a really bad knife brand new. I was about to buy the Twist II Balisong on Bladeplay but then I saw the reviews I would be even cool with one of those if had some work done to it to make it more reliable. My main problem is that most of the "decent" cheapies are always out of stock :'( QQ