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BM51 SS Liners?

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BM51 SS Liners?

Hello, i have been planning to have Stainless Steel liners made for my Benchmade 51. I feel like the 51 has not lived up to being a flipper as much as i wanted it to, mainly because of how light it is. I feel like SS instead of Ti in the handles it a good idea to increase weight. What does everybody else think about this?? :-D


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Re: BM51 SS Liners?

Hmm... Personally, I don't own a 51. I've worked on a few and didn't like them. If it were me, I'd definitely consider doing something like what you're describing, but I'd be tempted to go with brass, as it's a smidge more dense than steel. It's also (usually) a bit easier to work with than stainless.

I'd also be tempted to make the liners thicker than the originals, trying to pack every milligram in there I could. That gets a little complicated, as a lot of how the pins and such fit in there depends on the spacing and thickness of the liners, but it's worth considering.

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